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About the Partnership

Full Metal is excited to team up with Pop-Up Revolution. Our common thread is that we are driven to make opportunities Spark for up and coming businesses as well as established enterprises.  Our role will be to host and develop cutting edge technology.

For the Pop-up Revolution application we are deploying a cluster of AP’s (access points) across a broad area. We have failover in case the internet decides not to cooperate, meaning we will have a local web server delivering data. The backbone (Networking Layer) is currently being engineered by Rob Gates. The application layer is being engineered by Martin Whitecotton.

The high level overview is to allow access to the internet through the Pop-up Revolution wifi portal. During the course of the race the user can log back into the Pop-up Revolution services to get updates and keep track of their journey through this exciting time.

Full Metal has designed the infrastructure and application to mimic the Pop-up Revolution model.  It is quickly deployable and a low cost solution that packs a big punch. It is a Pop-Up network that will be recyclable to fit needs of each vendor and their customers.

About Full Metal


Full Metal Hosting (FMH) itself is 3 years old – still a baby. However, the staff is a chiseled slab of geeky know how that has been in the industry for well over 15 years.  We are building a safe haven, what we like to call a “better web”. Our target markets have made it clear to FMH and the world that they are fed up with also-ran type hosting and service based companies. Statistically there is high turnover in the hosting industry due to poor mismanaged support that is outsourced and/or displaced by rapid growth vs. planning. It is our mission to make the web a better place. We are making ripples now, but have faith that the big waves will soon roll in.

What do we host? We host awesomeness!

We are currently working on applications that fulfill needs from inventory management to billing/approval applications. Full Metal Hosting will focus on two different market segments: Commercial and Specialty Consumer Markets(SCM). To access both of these markets, we have two different delivery systems.

     SCM segment:
FMH has the full service approach, with turn key programs that fulfill most of today’s startups and small business needs.

     Commercial segment:
FMH is deploying custom applications that fit a niche issue, FMH becomes Full Metal Co with Full Metal Apps offerings.