5 Free Measuring Tools for Social Media

Want to monitor and measure your brand’s social media activities? Measuring social media activities is great for knowing your brand’s position and evaluating effective ways to appeal to key audiences. We’ve provided five FREE social media monitoring tools that have proven effective for many brands including celebrities, corporations and non-profit organizations.


A  tool allowing users to track sentiment and what people are saying about your company and/or product. Monitoring over 100 social media properties, Social Mention provides accurate real-time analysis, daily alerts and API (application programming interface). I like it because you don’t have to create an account and can instantly receive an analysis of your social media efforts.



True to the meaning, Klout gives a score based on your social media activity. It allows you to see how your influence among all your social media accounts and topics in which you are considered an influential. Based on your influence score, location and brand, you could receive perks and awards. In addition to working on your own Klout score, you can look at your influences and who you influence to regularly share content that is of the highest quality from trusted sources (Small Business Trends).


Facebook Insights

As obvious as it may seem, Facebook Insights is a great tool to track how well you’re doing on Facebook. This platform analyzes your Facebook Page performance and provides a better understanding of reaching your audience. Once you create a Facebook Page for your business or product, Facebook sends weekly updates of your Facebook Page.



TweetDeck is a dashboard for management of Twitter, Facebook and FourSquare accounts. Available in a desktop version and app, you can control multiple accounts, schedule posts and receive notifications of mentions. The tool interfaces with other tools for posting pictures and links. Its compatible with many operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iPhone, iPad, Chrome OS, Linux and FreeBSD



Similar to TweetDeck, HootSuite is the leading social media management tool. Unlike its competitor, one can manage not only Facebook and Twitter accounts but also Google+, Tumblr, MailChimp and Instagram. Hootsuite uses an URL shortner ow.ly to shorten URLs submitted to its service.